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Formed at the height of innovative detergent manufacturing in 1946, Alconox Inc. continues to manufacture critical cleaning detergents, each product engineered to target specific residues based on substrate and cleaning methodology. As a “Made in the USA” company, Alconox Inc. prides itself on superior customer service, potent formulation, quality control, and excellent application knowledge. Our team of chemists and engineers work closely with scientists, engineers, commercial chain operators and owners to meet their precision cleaning needs.

Our Foodservice detergent line hones in on our mild alkaline and mild acid detergents that are safer for workers, the commercial kitchen equipment and the environment compared to traditional foodservice cleaners. The Alconox, Inc., Powered for Foodservice™ cleaning products pass the test in effectively solving critical restaurant cleaning challenges across the vast foodservice industry.

From commercial food manufacturing, to quick service restaurants, to wine tasting rooms, our detergents transform wine glasses to their original sparkling, residue-free brilliance, de-grease frying equipment, remove rust and scale and decontaminate protein prep surfaces. Alconox products help commercial kitchen operators save cleaning time, labor costs, and maximize food and service quality and consistency.

Core Foodservice Products

Alconox PFS® is a versatile hard surface cleaner that will remove foodservice oils and grease from in and around deep fryers and their hoods, oven racks, griddles, floors, walls, exterior sidewalks and drive thrus, pizza oven exteriors and conveyor belts. As a manual detergent, Alconox® is designed to be used as a soak or simmer, bucket and brush or paste. With a pH of 9.5 Alconox® is safer for workers and will help with fryer maintenance and longevity.

Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaning and Detergent is a mild acid detergent that is excellent on removing scale and rust from holding cabinets, rethermalizers, pasta and rice cookers, combi ovens and evaporators. Citranox® serves a dual role as a simultaneous descaler and degreaser and is effective as a soak, simmer, scrub or paste.

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