Cleaning Conveyor Ovens and Toasters


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Staionary Equipment FAQs

How to clean conveyor belts with Alconox®:

  1. Add 2/3 cup of Alconox® detergent to 4 gallons of warm water
    (See Table 2).
  2. Remove conveyor belts from equipment.
  3. Using a long handled scrub brush, dip brush in Alconox® solution and coat conveyor belt with detergent. Scrub harder on stubborn buildup.
  4. Let sit for 10 minutes. Do not allow detergent to dry.
  5. Rinse off detergent with a hose.

How to clean small conveyor belts with Alconox®:

  1. If belts can fit into a commercial size sink or tub then use 2 Tbsp per gallon of Alconox® detergent in hot water. Mix solution well.
  2. Let soak as long as needed.
  3. Use a scrub brush to loosen caked on grease before and after soaking.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with tap water and dry thoroughly.

 How to clean exterior surfaces on ovens and toasters with Alconox®:

  1. Spray prepared Alconox® detergent directly on exterior surface, or apply with towel or sponge soaked in solution.
  2. Wipe surface gently until soil is removed.
  3. Follow with a clean water rinse.

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