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Wondering how to best clean a commercial deep fryer? The secret to extending the life of your fryer, preserving your flavors and aromas, having the freshest oil, and keeping your employees safe is using Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner. Alconox detergent will get your fryer “down to the metal clean” each time you clean. Whether you clean your fryer on a schedule or when your oil is ready to be changed, Alconox detergent will do a superior job of removing both carbon residues and sticky, yellow zero trans fat build up.

Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner is a powerful hard surface detergent that is non-caustic, drain-safe and biodegradable. Boil outs with harsh chemicals are not necessary to get a down to the metal clean. You can soak, simmer or boil out with Alconox® cleaner (or Alcojet®) and it will be much safer on the person doing the cleaning and won’t beat up the fryer. With Alconox’s pH of 9.5 (same as a bar of soap) gloves are recommended just to avoid dishpan hands, but they’re not required.

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How do I clean my commercial deep fryer?

My employees are scared to clean the fryer. I don’t blame them. Boil out cleaning our fryer is dangerous. Do you have a safer solution?

We have 2 years of build up on our fryer. Will Alconox still get it clean?

How much does a dirty fryer affect the flavor of the food?

I have a flat bottom deep fryer? What’s the procedure difference in cleaning one of these?

Our zero trans fat oil breaks down quick and sticks to the sides of the fryer. The cause was traced back to residual polymers left over from the previous batch of new oil used in the fryers. Can you help us clean down to the polymer level?

Is there an easy way to clean the filters from my hood? Caustic de-greasers make the aluminum turn brown and are dangerous.


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