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To Remove Lime and Calcium Scale from a Stainless Steel Ice Machine with Citranox®:

  1. ID-10070529-250x180Use a 2% Citranox® solution (2.5 oz per gallon).Use warm or hot water, although it will still work somewhat more slowly with room temperature water.
  2. Turn off the ice maker and disconnect any electrical power before cleaning.
  3. You can make up a bucket of solution (5 oz of Citranox® in a typical household bucket) and use a brush and/or sponge to clean the scale off the ice maker.
  4. Really bad spots may need some brushing, but often the scale will just wipe or dissolve off pretty easily. You can pour the solution through any tubes and fill any reservoirs to soak that need cleaning. Drain the solution and rinse thoroughly with water.

Citranox® is suitable for food contact suface cleaning as long as you rinse thoroughly with drinking water. Citranox® will not attack stainless steel.

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