Maintaining Stainless Steel

When heat, moisture, and food oils come together inside a stainless steel cavity, you’re left with a unique commercial kitchen deep cleaning and maintenance challenge. Not only do you have to combat scale, but grease can act as a barrier that actually prevents most scale removers from tackling it. Worse than that, over time, as scratches to the surface naturally occur, rust can start to appear. It can be like watching your commercial kitchen investments erode right before your eyes.

Food grade deep cleaners, Citranox and Citrajet, first remove the grease barrier that citrus-based cleaners simply can’t break through. Then, they attack scale and rust, eradicating all traces of it. Finally, they rinse clean leaving behind the conditions necessary for the stainless to ‘heal itself’ (through a process known as repassivation) so that the problem doesn’t instantly reappear.

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I was told that once rust shows up on stainless steel, there’s nothing that can be done. Is that true?

Which Alconox detergent will clean the red staining of wine (tannin) from stainless steel equipment?

I need information for cleaning and putting back a shine on stainless steel pots.



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