Prepare for the Oenophiles


1. a connoisseur of wines.

OenophilesFine wines require glassware that will not contribute interfering fragrances, change the way the liquid moves or swirls in the glass, or alter the profile of the “legs” (a visual indicator of wine’s alcohol content). Are you using a residue free detergent that can unclog the microscopic pores in fine glass? Because if you’re not, residues can change the rate of aeration and evaporation, change the surface tension of the beverage, and alter the “nose” and flavors of the wine.

Alconox Inc. does not mess around with residues. Our detergents are used for critical cleaning in pharmaceutical, medical device and laboratory settings where free rinsing, residue free clean is a requirement.  That same detergent is available to you for barware.

If you’re using delicate crystal glassware, it should be cleaned by hand to avoid any possibility of being etched by hot softened water in the dishwasher. For this we recommend LiquinoxⓇ.

For more sturdy glassware and wine glasses that can be washed in a dishwasher, we recommend using AlcojetⓇ powdered detergent. Unlike most household and commercial detergents, Alcojet powdered detergent does not contain any fragrances, dyes, or residue-forming rinse aids.

When using a dishwasher for wine glasses, be sure and skip any rinse aids, which will add those unwanted residues back into the mix.  If you get spots when you remove rinse aids, remember to load any footed stemware at an angle so the bases drain and do not trap dirty wash water that can contaminate the rinse cycle.  Soils left behind in the rinse cycle lead to water spots.


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