Food Prep Areas: Proteins & Safety

Food PrepDownload Protein Safety Application Sheet

The importance of food safety and ensuring the control of food-related bacteria and proteins in food preparation contact surfaces cannot be overstated. You need a strong, food safe cleaner that allows you to be confident that surfaces and equipment are clean and safe for use when handling food. Confidence comes from using the right food service cleaning solutions, formulated to remove and eradicate unwanted proteins and food-related soils. For protein soil, removal and a deep safe clean, right down to the surface, Tergazyme™ is the solution you need. Paired with Liquinox™, the perfect sink-side solution for cleaning wares used in food preparation, you have all the power you need to ensure that your equipment is clean and your work and prep areas are safe.

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What method should I use for cleaning stationary equipment exposed to raw or cooked proteins?

What’s the proper way to clean a butcher block?

How do I clean our sushi prep area?

Do you have a product that can be used to remove blood / protein stains?

How long will an enzymatic cleaning solution last?


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