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How to Clean Boiler-less and Connection-less Steam Cooking Equipment with Citranox®:

  1. Before each cleaning procedure, disconnect appliance from its electrical power source and allow to cool for at least one half hour.
  2. Place empty pan under drain valve, open valve, and allow steamer to drain.
  3. Add warm fresh tap water to the reservoir.
  4. Mix in 8 oz of Citranox® liquid detergent to the fresh water. Assumes average reservoir is 2.5 gal capacity.
  5. Allow the Citranox® solution soak for 30 minutes to help dissolve scale buildup.
  6. Dip a cloth in the Citranox® solution and wipe inner walls of equipment and areas with high scale buildup. Use a scrub pad for caked-on scale.
  7. Drain Citranox® solution.
  8. Rinse equipment evaporator and inner walls with fresh tap water.
  9. Dry thoroughly.
  10. Repeat daily to prevent scale build up. Or repeat every 3 days to remove scale buildup.

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