Vector black FAQ icons set on white background

Vector black FAQ icons set on white background

Here is the Master List of Alconox’s Frequently Asked Questions for commercial kitchen cleaning:


Does Alconox have a detergent that can clean my glassware in a dishwasher better than other brands on the market?

We have a line of grocery stores that have a wine dispenser. The dispensing lines need to be cleaned, and they are looking for a citric acid based cleaner.

Can fragrances, dyes, dispersants and detergent residues found in household cleaners interfere with sensory appreciation of wine in a wineglass?


How do I clean my commercial deep fryer?

My employees are scared to clean the fryer. I don’t blame them. Boil out cleaning our fryer is dangerous. Do you have a safer solution?

We have 2 years of build up on our fryer. Will Alconox still get it clean?

How much does a dirty fryer affect the flavor of the food?

I have a flat bottom deep fryer? What’s the procedure difference in cleaning one of these?

Our zero trans fat oil breaks down quick and sticks to the sides of the fryer. The cause was traced back to residual polymers left over from the previous batch of new oil used in the fryers. Can you help us clean down to the polymer level?

Is there an easy way to clean the filters from my hood? Caustic de-greasers make the aluminum turn brown and are dangerous.


Should I use rinse aids in my commercial dishwasher?

How do I clean pots and pans?

Is your detergent drain safe and safe on coated pans?

Are your detergents USDA food safe cleaners that can be used to clean food contact services?

Are there other cleaning variables, besides increasing cleaning time, which would allow for a more thorough cleaning process?

How can I remove calcium and lime scale from a steam oven or holding cabinet?


What’s the best way to manually clean dishware and plates?How do I clean tableware with food residue?How do I clean cutlery exposed to raw protein?

What method should I use for cleaning stationary equipment exposed to raw or cooked proteins?

What’s the proper way to clean a butcher block?

How do I clean our sushi prep area?

Do you have a product that can be used to remove blood / protein stains?

How long will an enzymatic cleaning solution last?


Do you have a checklist or job aid for cleaning the equipment in my commercial kitchen?

How do I remove bacteria and scale from my ice machine?

How do I remove lime scale from my steam oven?

How do I clean hood filters?

How do I best clean coffee equipment?


Do you have a checklist or job aid for cleaning the interior of my facility?

What’s the best way to clean walls?

How do I clean floors with grout?

We’re thinking of upgrading from Windex on our windows. Do you have an industrial grade window cleaner?


Can my employees remove grease from the drive thru without a power washer?How do I clean stains from sidewalks?

We use Windex for inside window cleaning, but need something more for the outside.

What’s the best way to clean outdoor garbage cans?




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