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Incorporated in 1946 at the height of innovative detergent manufacturing, Alconox Inc. started its career in hospital laboratories supplying glassware detergent that cleaned beakers and flasks to a “sparkling brilliance.”. In 2008, Alconox Inc. jumped from the lab into the foodservice industry to provide the same level of cleanliness you can expect from the Critical Cleaning Experts.
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The Alconox Inc. Approach

So what sets Alconox Inc. products apart from other cleaning industry options? Our approach to solving cleaning challenges. In contrast to other cleaning manufacturers, each of our detergents is engineered to target specific residues based on surface and cleaning method regardless of the specific application. Surface, residue and method are the three basic factors we use to form our recommendations. When solutions to cleaning problems are addressed in this way, customers are offered a few core products that can solve a host of challenges.

We call this lean cleaning. So often our technical team will see operators and purchasing staff mired in procuring and inventorying shelves of chemicals each for a unique application. Alconox Inc. offers the opposite approach by assisting our customers in finding cost savings and value-added opportunities within a lean cleaning philosophy.

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