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How Much Detergent To Use

How Much Detergent To Use

The method of cleaning can make all the difference in consistent results.

Here is guidance on how to clean vertical spaces, indoor areas, outdoor areas, and all other hard surfaces in your commercial kitchen. Always remember, the levers of clean are time and temperature! The hotter the temperature, the quicker the clean. The longer the soak, the better the clean.

Percent Solution
1% 2% 3%

1 Qt. (0.95L)
2 tsp or 0.3oz or 10g 4 tsp or 0.6oz or 20g 6 tsp or 1oz or 30g

1 GAL (4L)
2 tbsp or 1.25oz or 40g 1/4 cup or 2.5oz or 80g 3/8 cup or 3.75oz or 120g

2 GAL (8L)
1/3 cup or 2.5oz or 80g 2/3 cup or 5oz or 16g 1 cup or 7.5oz or 240g

4 GAL (15L)
2/3 cup or 5oz or 150g 1 1/3 cup or 10oz or 300g 2 cup or 15oz or 450g

12 GAL (45L)
2 cups or 16oz or 450g 4 cups or 32oz or 900g 6 cups or 48oz or 1350g

For difficult soils or in the presence of hard tap water, use very hot water and use double the recommended amount of detergent. Make up fresh solutions frequently as needed.

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