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I had just recently taken over a store that had very high costs related to poor oil management and low consumer opinion related to the quality of our products. I took Alconox in to see if the claims matched the results. I was blown away with not only the elimination in oil build-up but carbon build-up that even my cleanest stores struggled with. Needless to say this clean fryer shocked the management and crew and served as a catalyst for change in this location. "
- Area Coach
All of my stores have used it and loved it. I had one store put it in a spray bottle and he used it to clean his walls and said it worked great. We also put our chicken racks in it while soaking the fryers and the grease just melts off. I’ve been there for a couple of these “tests” and it has been incredible. We used it in a fryer in our warehouse that needed cleaned and my maintenance guys (who’ve been with us for YEARS) were skeptical but were very impressed with their results."
- Corporate President, QSR Franchisee
The build-up on our fryers was very bad as it had not been deep cleaned for about 2 years. The Alconox took off all the black build-up and the fryer looked like new. The employees came in and wanted to know if we got a new fryer. We also put the baskets and other tools in it and they looked great. The oil lasts several days longer now and the wings taste better according to the customers. Using Alconox will greatly reduce cleaning time and we won’t dread cleaning it anymore."
- Shift Manager
This cleaning agent is very helpful to clean fryers that have not been cleaned since the fryers were put in. We are very pleased with the outcome of the cleaning. The RGMs and DMs I have trained are very happy to have something that is so efficient and effective. "
- Regional Training Leader
You will not believe the results until you actually use this awesome cleaner. I would not have believed it was this easy to get all the buildup off our fryers in one treatment but it did it with ease! "
- Franchisee
I was VERY impressed with the Alconox fryer cleaner. When I was given the opportunity to test it and a chance to win the prize I thought we would clean the fryer with it then scrub it like crazy so it would look like the cleaner really worked so I would have a good shot at the prize. But to my amazement we cleaned our very dirty carboned up grease stained open fryer and we didn't have to scrub it at all just took a scotchbrite pad and wiped it down! My cook crew is so excited to be able to have "new" fryers again. This product gives my cooks motivation and the ease to keep the fryers cleaner on a day to day basis. To date we have cleaned 2 of our 5 fryers and have realized that the shiny clean fryers are more enjoyable for our crew to work with. "
- Store Owner
Since using Alconox we noticed an improved oil life for all our fryers. We have a fryer were we cook livers (yuk I know) and probably got a week's life with it. Now we can push that to two weeks. We have seen at least a week or two extra life in our other fryers. Since the oil last longer our product has the same quality through the oil life. The oil doesn't have a burned smell after two weeks either. After the first time we used Alconox, we have had less time spent on oil changes because we don't have to scrape off black carbon pieces from the fryer. Now, its not too big of a chore to change oil. Alconox is great for cleaning full size pans and half size pans. "
- General Manager
You would be stupid to not try it. Its the easiest cleaning product to use. Let your fryer sit with Alconox, drain it, scrape off the carbon build up, and wipe clean. After you do it your first time, you won't have to probably even scrape your fryers for carbon if maintained. ORDER IT! "
- GM
Stop wasting time scrubbing and scrapping and let Alconox do the work. Improve operations and employee standards with the right tool... Alconox. "
- Area Coach
Having not cleaned my ventilation hood filters in about 16 months it was well past time. I pulled them out, soaked overnight, used a 2 inch bottle brush to get in the “grooves”, and ran the filters through the dishwasher. As you can see….fantastic results with little or no scrubbing!"
- Corporate Chef
Citrajet is a rock star! Our chef is very happy. Taking off the light rust with little effort. The heavy rust is also coming off with a little elbow grease."
- Foodservice Professional who passivated a steamer with Citrajet
I love this product. I love for my wings fryer to look like new and Alconox does it!"
- Restaurant General Manager
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