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Manual Ice Cream Machine Cleaning

Q. Our restaurants ice cream machine doesn’t have a washer cycle built in. Can I just run hot water through the machine until it runs clear?

A. You’re only completing the first step in cleaning and this is not meeting local health department code. Your owner’s manual will specify which parts need removal when cleaning. Note that it’s important to take care not to damage scraper blades when cleaning and also replace blades, o rings and rear seals when necessary.

Begin by dispensing leftover ice cream or yogurt and emptying the machine. Remove any impacted or hardened materials that might block water flow through the machine. Then run hot water through the machine until it runs clear.

Next mix up your detergent solution. We recommend Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner to help completely remove scale and other build up.  Add 2 cups Citranox to 4 gallons of warm to hot water (4 oz or 1/2 cup to 1 gallon of water).

Remove all detachable parts as indicated by your owner’s manual. The parts should be placed in the detergent water and left to soak for 10 minutes before scrubbing / wiping down items. Rinse thoroughly by running tap water over the cleaned parts.

Next pour the mixture of hot detergent into the machine’s freezing chamber. Use a scrub brush to clean the chamber and internal, non removable parts. Then drain the machine and flush it with hot tap water until the Citranox solution is removed.

Dry the parts and reinstall them in the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to also clean the condenser coil as needed, taking care to shield electrical components from water.

If your dairy machine has a wash cycle, do not use Citranox.

Published: March 22, 2023
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