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Q: Are their different methods to cleaning with Alconox PFS® Powered for Foodservice?

A: Alconox PFS can be used throughout many areas of your commercial kitchen. It is not only a powerful hard surface detergent, but is also non-caustic, drain-safe and biodegradable.

Here are some methods and applications for our versatile detergent:

Soak or Simmer

Alconox PFS® and water go to work. Applications include: open-pot, tube-style or flat-bottom fryers.

Bucket & Brush or Spray Bottle

Use Alconox PFS® to scrub or spray on applications like hoods, fryer exteriors, walls, floors, counters, and warming oven racks.


Alconox PFS® paste makes haste on flat griddles and grease stains on interior and exterior facilities.

Click this link for step-by-step job aids and infographics.

Published: March 22, 2023
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