Fryer Cleaning Safety

fryer_banner01-300x186Don’t fear the fryer. Both our fryer cleaning products, Alconox® and Alcojet®, are non-caustic, drain safe and biodegradable detergents — ideal to use as part of a solid sustainability program. Alconox® and Alcojet® have been specially formulated to safely remove build-up caused by cooking oil in order to return your fryer to ‘like new’ condition.

As an example of their safety, consider the pH of our product, Alconox®, which is 9.5. This is the same pH as Dawn dish soap. Exposing skin to Alconox®, like retail soap, for over 15 minutes could cause some irritation, but the pH is extremely neutral. If Alconox® comes in contact with skin, simply rinse it off.

For companies needing a low-foaming option, Alcojet®, pH 11, can also be used. This detergent, while slightly more alkaline, is also not corrosive for skin contact if rinsed off. Better to use gloves when handling Alcojet®. Alcojet® is sometimes the better choice for some because tubes and hoses inside machines are easier to rinse when the detergent is specifically designed to be a low-foamer.

Need help choosing between Alcojet® and Alconox®?  Contact Alconox Inc. Interesting in trying one of our safe, non-caustic fryer cleaners? Click here for a free sample.

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