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Time and temperature are the main levers of cleaning. The hotter the temperature of the water and/or metal the quicker the clean and the longer the soak time the better the results. As a non-caustic formula, you don’t have to worry about corroding the metal; the opposite is true – Alconox PFS will repair existing rust inside the fryer.

How To Clean:

  1. Drain and dispose of oil from frypot.
  2. Close the drain valve and fill frypot with hot water. Dissolve 16 oz (455g) of Alconox PFS powdered detergent in the water. For flat bottomed fryers, use 32 oz (911g) of Alconox PFS detergent.
  3. Scrub fryer with a long-handled nylon brush to loosen caked-on grease.
  4. Place frying baskets and utensils inside frypot to soak.
  5. If safe water heating settings are available: heat the solution, then simmer for 30 minutes (190–195oF). If heating is not allowed: cold soak for 2–8 hours or leave to soak overnight if required.
  6. Drain half the solution out of the frypot into a bucket. Do NOT drain into the filter pan.
  7. If required, scrub fryer with long-handled nylon brush, drain the remaining solution, and then scrub again if needed. The solution may be reused to clean a second frypot or used to wash other stainless steel equipment, walls, and floors. If the fryer is equipped with an automated filter mechanism, do not drain detergent into filter.
  8. Thoroughly rinse the frypot with potable water.
  9. Thoroughly dry the fryer.
  10. Pour 2 cups (16oz) of oil into the frypot and drain into bucket to remove any remaining water.

How Much Detergent To Use:

  • Small 35lb fryer (5 gal): Mix in 8oz
  • Medium 45lb fryer (6.5 gal): Mix in 8oz
  • Large 80lb fryer (11.5 gal): Mix in 16oz
  • Extra-large 140lb fryer (20 gal): Mix in 25oz

*Change measurements to reflect a 3% solution if using Detonox.

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This book details how to keep a commercial kitchen clean throughout the day. Each chapter speaks to an activity within a day in the life of operating a commercial kitchen. Learn step by step how to clean a multitude of applications with tough residues such as grease, oils, scale, rust, proteins, and more.

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