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New Fryer? Nope. Just Clean!

A foodservice company in Missouri used Alconox PFS® Powered for Foodservice for the first time to clean their kitchen’s deep fryer.

According to Janet, the shift manager, “The build up on our fryers was very bad as it had not been deep cleaned for about 2 years. We used Alconox PFS and it was amazing. All the black buildup came off and the fryer looks new.”

Cleaning a fryer with Alconox PFS is simple.  First, drain the fryer and refill with water. Add 1lb. of Alconox PFS concentrated detergent to the water and stir to dissolve. If the fryer has a “Boil Out” or “Simmer” setting, use that. If not, set the fryer to 190 deg F. Drain the detergent solution from the fryer, rinse with fresh water, and dry completely.

This particular food service provider’s fryer looked so new that, upon seeing it, employees thought the company had bought a new one. They also put the baskets and other fry tools in the Alconox PFS solution to get them shining. But a clean, like-new fryer is not just easy on the eyes.

Janet says, “The oil lasts several days longer now and the wings taste better according to the customers.”

And an added bonus . . . “Using Alconox PFS will not only reduce our cleaning time but enable us to no longer dread cleaning the fryer!”

Published: October 19, 2022
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