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Pasta and Rice Cookpots

Pasta and rice cookers can get build up from both water scale and starch with frequent usage. Using a mild acid detergent to remove both types of residues will keep the cooking equipment well maintained with consistent cooking temperatures.

How To Clean:

  1. Turn the appliance off.
  2. Drain or dispose of any remaining water and food residues from cookpot.
  3. Close the drain valve, if applicable, and fill cookpot with fresh hot tap water.
  4. Add 24 oz (685g) Citranox liquid detergent to the pasta cookpot.
  5. Scrub the cookpot, basket hanger, baskets, and temperature probes with a scrub pad dipped in the Citranox detergent solution. Place food preparation smallware inside cookpot for soaking.
  6. Where permissible, turn on equipment and bring detergent solution to a simmer. When simmer is reached, turn off equipment and let soak for at least 30 minutes. Soak longer for heavy scale build up.
  7. If needed repeat scrubbing of problem areas.
  8. Drain detergent solution.
  9. Rinse thoroughly with running tap water.
  10. Dry thoroughly prior to using.
  11. Repeat daily for appliance optimal performance.

Download the Book

This book details how to keep a commercial kitchen clean throughout the day. Each chapter speaks to an activity within a day in the life of operating a commercial kitchen. Learn step by step how to clean a multitude of applications with tough residues such as grease, oils, scale, rust, proteins, and more.

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