Meet a Clean Kitchen’s Best Friend


StainlessAlconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner can be used throughout your commercial kitchen. It is not only a powerful hard surface detergent, but is also non-caustic, drain-safe and biodegradable.

Here are some methods and applications for our versatile Alconox® detergent:

Soak or Simmer

Alconox® and water go to work. Applications Include: Open-pot, Tube-style or Flat-bottom

Fryer. Click here for a step-by-step illustrated job aid for fryer cleaning with this method.  

Bucket & Brush

Scrub, sit and rinse on applications like Hoods, Fryer exteriors, Walls, Floors, Counters, Warming oven racks. Check out the Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for more information.


Alconox® paste makes haste on flat griddles and grease stains on interior and exterior facilities. See our Facility Cleaning Page for more information.


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