Alconox PFSⓇ Powered for Foodservice

Alconox PFSⓇ Powered for Foodservice

(4x4 lb box Manufacturers Catalog No 1144R)

Each 4 lb box makes 50 gallons of detergent

Alconox PFSⓇ Powered for Foodservice Global GHS SDS
Product Bulletin

Alconox PFSⓇ Powered for Foodservice, commercial kitchen cleaner is a concentrated detergent for soak and manual cleaning. Ideal for cleaning oils, grease, carbon build-up, proteins, and food residue on stainless steel, glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, and fiberglass. Fragrance free. Dilute 2 rounded Tbsp to 1 gallon tap water. pH 9.5

Cleaning Commercial Deep Fryers:

Open-pot, tube-style, flat-bottom frypots, fryer hoods, baffle filters, interior and exterior appliance surfaces (on Collectromatic fryers: soak removable lid, gasket, and frying utensils).

  • Food preparation equipment
  • Cookware and Smallwares
  • Tableware: Dishware, Utensils, Glassware
  • Facilities: Floors, Walls, Windows, Counters, Sidewalks